The upcoming <<We are at the fucking beach>> is a crocheted sculptural environment designed to surround Montreal artist Gambletron in the newest incarnation of her electronic radio noise extravaganza. A series of large, three-dimensional geometric radio antennas are crocheted in soft, conductive wire. The pyramidal antennas are an extension of Gambletron’s radio Theramin. They grow from yarn structures emulating the video glitches and fractal patterns generated live  in a video projection that will accompany Gambletron as she performs.



HOME FIERCE HOME is a video and soft sculpture installation dedicated to the creation and protection of radical queer living spaces in hostile environments. In the above incarnation the piece was installed in a San Francisco home with Best Revenge as part of the National Queer Arts Festival in 2012.


PullMeClosePassMeByIMG_0388PULL ME CLOSE//PASS ME BY is a temporary interactive rope installation designed to be unravelled by passers by. Above the first phrase of the piece is seen being undone in a special fibres installation as part of the 34th Rhubarb Festival in Toronto at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. PULL ME CLOSE falls away to reveal a lurking PASS ME BY.

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