“Meanwhile, deep ashore

We are building a boat

We are living an island

We are at the fucking beach

it’s a parking lot at the bottom of the block.”


Sometime in the near future a crocheted sculptural environment will surround Gambletron in the newest incarnation of her electronic radio noise extravaganza. Johnny Nawracaj has created a series of large, three-dimensional geometric radio antennas crocheted in soft, conductive wire. The pyramidal antennas are an extension of Gambletron’s radio Theramin. They grow from yarn structures emulating the video glitches and fractal patterns generated live by Nawracaj in a video projection accompanying Gambletron as she performs.




January 16, 2014

I’ve lucky to live down

Likelihoods tearing seams and pierced

I fortress hold idolatresss

Cut my own hair

Telling lilies under the wall

Graves loose and close

Earth piled and piled

The way back up the hands will hold

Fold one over the other

After loss and mother father all mixed up

Puppy to come home

Lick your feet

And we walk snows at light down