flipping, facing in

November 13, 2013

Janus determined the coin turned in one hand. and one over the mouth.

the eyes of Jacks and the eyes of Mary. turning and turning and the like.

“it’s not the end of the world,” said mother father, “not yet and an unlucky never.” long fingers spinning whirlpools into the lake close to shore.

little girl being falls in and their little boy feelings spread like oil over the surface.

one and one

and more than both is never neither. ever nearer.

daddy witch catches them in her big big hands. long fingers spinning into circles the bodies that are more.

Janus turns the coin again over. his hands are small and the coin shines bigger than his large eyes even. two faces cry into each other and the coin has no sides but one when each face the other and spread legged pull hand to wrist to push their gaping wet holes together facing in. if there were a little drill to the skull they couldn’t know more than they do now, then they will know then- she and they- when more comes.


tooth and nail

November 7, 2013

tooth and nail luxuirous migrane