who’s your daddy now?

September 21, 2013

or, she will be fine

deadbolt deadbolt chain

hunting down the steel

forget these men

their ingenuity their

nothing to do

TV parts all over the floor

cathode diode little

rubber enema pump


blood in his eyes

the day the screen door flew open

shitting his pants

who’s your daddy now?


she’s fine

she’s alright

she’s fine

shorten her lead

wrapping your hand

a flavour slick along the ribbon

slacken your belt

you bet on her last round

root of filth

earth and water

your eyes crown

a head like a gator’s

scam the room

with your body submerged

teach a younger one the economy of words

mine time for conclusory social experiments

fis{t//\\h}ing stories

unrealized in bromance

things i want to say to you

he’s said them first

men i’d like to be for you

forget them

he’s generations

yr saying my name

“when’s it gonna be ok?”

“it already is”

and i says yrs

full down, the fountain

head given

deep scull fuck

too cheap and the humming bird motel


this is easy for you

you guys don’t talk about anything

hard up


“when’s it gonna be ok?”



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