The Twosome Discordant

August 21, 2013

It took him a long time to die. Well, relative to the rest. I found him floating face down, limbs limply swaying below the surface. He was an arch suspended at the neck, where his body split into a quarrelling twosome. The head was desperate for fairytale and moral and awakening all of Humanity through the ages with a cold, dead stare the unlikely harbinger for Life Itself. I know this because I swam up and checked. Eyes crystal and open. Little bubbles still clinging to the corners and lashes. His hair was net and lodgings. Warm brown and soft, soft to die for. This is where Humanity and Life Itself might have lain and lodged. A ragged warmth like Earth and Fire. Floating in the weary Water. I am tired of holding your hair, said the Water.

His body was no longer ours. Not his. It was The. The Body was pulling the whole thing downwards. The Earth Down There is not the Real Earth. Humanity cannot trust it and does not want down. Life Itself grips the surface like a shard of last hope glass. Maybe there was some blood, too. 

I wanted to put the whole thing back together again. The twosome was more than I remembered him being. Limp Life Less and Life Itself. I let out my breath and it swarmed his underWater face. I swirled my limbs in such a way and curled my spine in such a way so as to end up right underneath and just below. From here I wrapped my body around The Body and kissed his drowned mouth. I pushed with all I carried there and we made full circles at the surface like one dolphin or one synchronized swimmer. The two of us one. The Twosome Discordant forced to suck it up and eat its own tale and leave it alone. 

We went on like that for many hours and I realized timing was everything and it took him a long time to die. Well, relative to The Rest. He had been napping only twenty minutes. It took him twenty hours. 14,400 rotations like a synchronized dolphin without breathing. Adds up to nine. To die. Three die.