June 24, 2013

daddy made me throw away the mold. he made me throw the mold away. i had hidden it underneath the bed. a place he’d never ever go. secrets he’d never ever know. i was building my own self. my dolly. my dolly, myself. i was to teach her. to walk, to talk. like me. and when she was ready, he would believe she was me and i could go on growing out of myself while she stayed me. forever.

but one day daddy saw. he saw me crawling out from under the bedskirt.

he shook me shook me shook me

and my teeth chattered like my teeth

and my bones rattled like my bones

and my curls bounced like my curls

“I’m sorry,” I said. and wrapped arms

just like mine around his neck.

in a voice just like

my own.

and I dragged the mold out from under my

bed, and cracked it in two across my knee.

the mold from which I had hatched

and he will never know.

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