Day 24: Mermaul

August 24, 2012


Otters, vaginas, boy trouble, and a lesbian past…Morgan M Page has me convinced that M stands for Mini. 

Day 23: Two New Minies

August 23, 2012


Geniuses Jamie Callum Ross and Elżbieta Chrupczalska Nawracaj breathe fire.

Day 17: Geometry

August 17, 2012


Deep preoccupation with vintage virgin wool/warm pink lapping at the shore this night.

Day 14: Feeling It

August 14, 2012


With Laurence at the Studio.


Day 7: Chips and Dip

August 7, 2012


Mini Maul carves a chip and dip bowl, poolside. Woodworker Jennifer Rong makes it all happen. 


Day 5: Appliqué All Day

August 5, 2012


The beginnings of a piece inspired by the wholly absurd Catholic right cult leaders of Poland. ODBIERAM, the title of this work and the text partially shown here, is Polish for I am taking away as well as I am recieving (the latter in the sense of a radio signal, for example). The piece will eventually be a large soft sculpture installation that inverts (takes away) Catholic symbols, claiming them for my queer feminist armoury.

Day 4: Working With Hair

August 4, 2012


Like learning to crochet all over again.

A surprise visit from photographer Chingchi Chan resulted in this lovely documentation of the first video shoot for a fresh young work-in-progress.


Janus is coming to life in maquette. A cinder block and a rock from the massive debris pile up on the beach. Weather worn, and slightly greened with algae. The two faces of the Roman god; a gatekeeper looking in two directions. JANUS Ltd. A limited perspective.