experience without design

May 4, 2011

we begin to experience everything that was ever written. it’s our way of making sense of the world. you wake from dreaming. a morning of constant stirring between states of consciousness calibrated by a ticking clock. to wake. to sleep. perchance. you speak shakespearean to your sleepy head. it rolls from left to right, reading the pillow like a page. and suddenly you wake up. or have you fallen asleep? suddenly the state in between takes on a shape that makes more sense than either-or. and you understand that this is the part that has not yet been written. all of your dreaming has been prescribed to you by your waking life. from the moment of waking you walk thin lines written in your dreams. but the author of the in between place only moves lips. you will not hear a pen etching your destiny into the written word. not here. here you can begin to experience without design.


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