dj itgetsbetter

February 25, 2011

popping pussies since 1989.

Meet Mini

February 4, 2011

Mini Maul is Johnny Forever’s surrealist hockey-punk-rock-Queen meets former-teen-Christian-country-star alter ego. Wide-eyed yet big-mouthed, demure yet over-sexed, this hyper-feminine shock drag diva presents an unlikely combination of tropes drawn from both Divine and Connie Smith. She busies herself backstage at cabarets and frequents radical queer gatherings awaiting her stage debut as lead singer of the fag ballad band Queencest, which by the way is happening February 11th in Montreal for the Radical Queer Semaine fundraiser RE_MAKE_OUT.

on a quarter turn.

February 2, 2011

the tiny tide rolling over a lower lid. born with it curves. faked tidal interpretations get crush them like little bullshits. what the fuck is this, huh? why does it come out of me like that? i’m like this. and oh, how i cried. and oh, how.

knows they were forsaken. knows it was no mistake. no knowns proclaimed before the body.

and still. a hot iron pressed to the forehead.