dust breathers

November 30, 2010

Something serious and lovely

in equal parts all over your face

When you say ‘like this’

I’m swallowing guns in my dreams

and driving cars across your

nation of offers are wider than

your eyes \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

let’s keep it unrequited

like confused insects

I’m coming down and you’re starting to

piss me off.

lay in my bed. i dare you

watch light on my face and think of preserving it

you’ll turn it to a paste you can

spread on your sandwiches

while i spread the legs of my lover

we are all taking something

dust breathers

move your finger like an earthworm

through the dirt in my mouth

my arms are straight ahead

of me and my fingers are

Alligator teeth. Interlocking






You live in the pit

of my stomach

Every time I think of

you, you tear the walls


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