warschauer every morning

December 28, 2009

we rebuild warschauer every morning. because at night it comes crashing down on you with streetcars and sirens sounding. a noise like you were being trampled by horses. the pigeons ruffle their feathers and you think: the rough wings of hussars.  come up against tanks on horseback.


but warschauer is glorious in the morning. victorious despite dilluded judgement of oldworld men with reins in their hands, the rain of fire and the rein of fools.


i will get up every morning in warschauer and convince you this is true. i will drag you awake with me and we’ll go to the store together. we’ll walk in the park. the winter sun will do us so much good. and we’ll laugh heartily at our nightmares. the night in warschauer won’t scare us so bad if we have mornings to look forward to.


when mornings are bright, the sun dives straight for your eyes. opening your face up to some kind of soul healing, eyes squinting. today is overcast.


3 Responses to “warschauer every morning”

  1. e. said

    is this yr writing? its beautiful.

  2. johnnyforever said

    thank you.

  3. johnnyforever said

    it is. i mean, is it? thank you dear esther. i like yours, too.

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