Tunnel Art 10photo: Tristan Brand, wolves: Johnny Forever

from the bowels



October 20, 2009



he sat whispering to the angels on either side of him. spritely. the almighty. it was difficult to follow his command. commandments. he was quite small. minded. he whispered to the angels. probably about how bad we were. how much we disgusted him. the angels nodded, took us in sidelong. we sat there, endured it. and began to believe about ourselves all of the things we imagined those whispers to contain.

Mama Boy Press

October 19, 2009

look at it:


mama boy three

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October 13, 2009

rodzinka crop


no one will ever be man enough for you

i can tell because:

i am your father.

flaming haystack

October 5, 2009

haystack boys

warming my heart on some cold Nowa Huta afternoon, these boys came into my life through the vortex. hay ablaze inside my grandmother’s closet.