the arm

September 27, 2009

it was all i had to offer. and she took it. all of it. the whole arm. i didn’t try to soothe her with the tips of my fingers. i knew she’d bite off more than that. i’m left with a stump at the shoulder and a pain where my limb once stirred the air. she pulled hard at first. held me just above the elbow tight. bruising the offering. then slipped down to the wrist. tighter. cutting off circulation. i was afraid my fingers would wilt and my gift would no longer be good enough. but as soon as she saw tears she loosened her grip. began to lick the tips of my fingers until the blood was flowing again. she kissed my wrist, already violet. just above the elbow. the bruises were a yellow green. she kissed and kissed. soft up, up the soft skin on the inner part. tongued the hair at my pit. then teeth. fast like a lance and sharp to cut tendons at first bite. she had it bleeding in her jaws in three. i looked away. then back at her again. she was packing her small gift away. on top of soft things that used to lie in my drawers. her things. in a pretty flowered suitcase now. my arm was bleeding all over. spoiling her nice things.  



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